Interferometer and sensor based on bimodal optical waveguides, and detection method

Patent number: EP07381053. C. Domínguez, K. Zinoviev, L.M. Lechuga Licensed

Diffraction grating coupler, System and Method

Patent number: EP2278365. K. Zinoviev, C. Domínguez, L.M. Lechuga

Device and method for detecting changes in the refractive index of a dielectric medium

Patent number: PCT/EP05/006273. G. Armelles, A. Calle, L.M. Lechuga B. Sepúlveda Licensed

System and method for detecting the displacement of a plurality of micro- and nanomechanical elements, such as microcantilevers

Patent number: EP04381004. M. Álvarez, L.M. Lechuga, J. Tamayo Licensed

Method for the analysis of the refractive index of a dielectric medium adjacent to a plasmonic device, and corresponding device

Patent number: PCT/ES2011/070085. B. Sepúlveda, D. Regatos, G. Armelles, L.M. Lechuga, D. Fariña

Cantilever-based detector device and method of manufacturing such a device

Patent number: EP05380137. L.M. Lechuga, K. Zinoviev, C. Domínguez, J.A. Plaza, V. Cadarso

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