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NanoBiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications


Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) is a powerful technique to measure biomolecular interactions in real-time and label-free. The SPR biosensor relies on the detection of changes in refractive index which are related to mass changes at the sensor surface.


The SPR platform available as service is a dual channel SPR instrument which integrates computer controlled pumps, valves and injection fluidics. The biosensor platform allows real time analysis of binding events occurring at the sensor surface and has been applied in a wide range of applications like environmental monitoring, clinical diagnosis, nucleic acids detection, or in the study of antibody-antigen interactions or virus-protein interactions.

Biodetection 1
System Specifications Compatible target for detection
300 nL each flow cell Antibodies and other proteins
Angular resolution of 0.01º Nucleic acids
Detection limit of 10-6 in refractive index Viruses
Disposable gold sensor slides (50 nm Au, of 10 mm x 10 mm) Cell, bacteria
Compatible with aqueous buffer and biological fluids (serum, urine, etc) Organic and inorganic compounds


The SPR platform is offered as a self-service, however a specific training by the scientific and technical members of the nanoB2A group will be provided.

Some examples of applications developed in the nanoB2A group using the SPR biosensor are:

  • Genomics: Detection of DNA and RNA sequences, both synthetic and real samples, and screening of point mutations; detection of mRNA and miRNA in real samples.
  • Environmental Control: Detection of small molecules like pesticides, toxins and marine pollutants using competitive inhibition immunoassays.
  • Clinical diagnosis: Detection of markers based on direct or indirect immunoassays in both standard conditions and real samples: (detection of protein biomarkers and autoantibodies related to cancer and other diseases; detection of IgEs for allergy diagnosis; detection of small peptides of gluten for celiac disease follow-up; detection of bacteria etc.).


A final quotation will be prepared by the Scientific Responsible of the Unit on basis of the rates shown in the Table below. Specific access conditions are available for CSIC and CIBER-BBN groups. Visit NANBIOSIS website or contact us for more information.

CIBER-BBN Public Entities, Other CIBERs Private Entities
SPR System (Biodetection unit) 50 €/day 50 €/day 75 €/day
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