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The Nano eNabler™ system is a unique platform in Spain for multifunctional surface patterning by dispensing attoliter to femtoliter volumes of biomolecules, nanoparticles or any other substance onto a wide variety of surfaces. The Nano eNabler™ system is one of the most powerful tools for biofunctionalization of a broad variety of surfaces thanks to its versatility.

Biodeposition 1
System Specifications Compatible Surfaces
Spot dimensions: 1-50 microns (aL to fL) Gold or other metals
Print area: 50 x 50 mm /Resolution 20 nm Silicon
Printing of spots and lines Glass
Printing in any user-defined pattern PDMS; plastics and other polymers
Precise humidity control Hydrogels
Wide range of compatible surfaces Nitrocellulose
High speed and simple reload system Prefunctionalized surfaces


There is an extensive range of materials/molecules compatible for deposition with the Nano eNabler covering a wide range of potential applications:

Sample Representative Application
Biomolecules (Antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids…) Biosensors, biomedical devices, molecular screening, cell biology, genomics, nanobiology
Viruses Biosensors, nanodevices
Colloidal particles, quantum dots Electronics, optical devices, materials R&D, diagnostics
Adhesives MEMS nanodevices
Etchants, polymers MEMS, electronics, microfabrication


The Nano eNabler™ service is provided by the scientific and technical support of the members of nanoB2A group. All works are done under request.

Some of the possible applications of this service are:

  • Biosensor functionalization: (microarrays, biomedical devices, transducers, chips…)
  • Surface patterning for cell culture or virus detection
  • Low-volume bioassays
  • Molecular screening, e.g. biomarkers
Biodeposition 3

If you have any question or need assessment, do not hesitate to contact us.


A final quotation will be prepared by the Scientific Responsible of the Unit on basis of the rates shown in the Table below. Specific access conditions are available for CSIC and CIBER-BBN groups. Visit NANBIOSIS website or contact us for more information.

CIBER-BBN Public Entities, Other CIBERs Private Entities
Nano eNabler system (Biodeposition Unit) 50 €/hour 75 €/hour 100 €/day
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