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Dr. Leyre Gómez will lead a new BIST IGNITE project
Published: March 12, 2020

SensMOF is the new BIST IGNITE project that will be led by Dr. Leyre Gómez, postdoc in NanoB2A and NanoUP (Prof. Maspoch) groups at ICN2, together with ICREA Professor José Ramón Galán-Mascarós, from ICIQ.

The SensMOF project aims to develop new nanophotonic sensors for quantitative analysis of bioactive enantiomeric molecules, a current and major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. We will work on a solution based on the so-called homochiral metal-organic frameworks, compounds composed by metal ions and organic ligands able to identify and separate enantiomers. This BIST collaboration will combine the expertise of different teams to create a scalable prototype that addresses the current industrial challenges of scalability and enantiomer separation process cost.

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