Two of our PhD students win the first and second prize at 10th Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors (ASCOS 2017) in Trest (Czech Republic)

We are happy to announce that two of our current PhD students, Nuria Fabri Faja and Cristina Peláez, have won respectively, the first and the second prize at the 10th Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors (ASCOS 2017). Cristina and Nuria were grouped together with other students at the school in order to design an optical sensor for a given topic. The group in which Nuria Fabri Faja was involved designed a point-of-care optical sensor for the detection of dopamine at low concentrations in urine. Cristina Peláez and her team mates designed a wearable sensor for the detection of air pollutants for asthma patients.

ASCOS is held every two years for meeting the most important scientists in the area of optical sensors and students working and developing their career within the field.